When it’s time to Hire Professional Roofer

Think you have a roof in need of repair, but you are not sure?  Reputable residential roofers, like Sterling Residential Roofing, are able to help you identify roofing troubles or areas of concern, even if a leak is not readily apparent.

You should have a professional roofing inspection routinely, especially after a severe weather event, to identify areas that may require repair or replacement.  An experienced roofer can quickly and effectively find any areas of concern and make a solid recommendation as to the best course of action.  An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, they say…

It is fairly simple to replace shingles which are missing or damaged in some way.  Other trouble areas such as rust, if you have a metal roof, can be cleaned up with a bristle wire brush, primed and repainted.  Fungus and algae can be troublesome with a lot of wet weather or extreme humidity, but it is actually fairly easy to rectify should it be addressed in a timely fashion.  Branches, leaves and other debris should be routinely removed from your roof and the flashing should be inspected to ensure it is still solid.

If you find that you already have an established leak, be sure to have an experience roofer address the problem immediately.  The longer a leaking roof goes without appropriate repair the more damage will occur and your costs will only go up.

In the case of an emergency repair, you can rely on your roofing experts at Sterling Residential Roofing to address the problem quickly and efficiently at any time of the day or night.  They are also able to clean up both the interior and the exterior of your home after the damage has been repaired.

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