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Have you taken the time to check your roofing to verify whether or not it is in good repair?  While you may not have noticed any obvious damage via the tell tale water leak or sunlight sneaking through an area it should not be, it is possible that you do have roofing issues that may need to be addressed before the problem grows to an unmanageable size.

Because replacing an entire roof can be quite costly, especially if insurance isn’t covering part or all of the roof replacement it is in your best interest to thoroughly review your roofing situation to determine the best course of action.

Ongoing repairs and a loss of energy efficiency due to old, damaged materials may make roof replacement worthwhile if sizeable portion shows weather related damage or other types of disrepair.

If any of these determining factors are present a partial roof repair probably won’t suffice.  1)  If you can see sagging or buckling in the roof decking itself that means the supporting structure is beginning to fail.  Sagging areas may also harbor stagnant water resulting in mold growth.

2) Roof leaks and water damage may cause the supporting beams or other key areas of the roof to rot.  Dark spots on the roof itself or stained circles on your interior ceiling surfaces or buckling of the drywall ceiling materials often point to long standing water leakage in the roofing material.

3) Exposed sunlit areas visible from within the attic point out areas of concern.  Also look for potential trouble areas such as cracks or separations between roofing and supporting materials, the chimney, or even ceiling vents or fans.

Any or all of these elements may suggest replacement is the preferred course of action.   To be sure, call the roofing experts at Sterling Residential Services for your free roofing evaluation; today!

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